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Jill Semonin PhD, CCHt, RMT

Founder & President

Timothy Semonin

Vice President & Outdoor Survival Guide

Kari Piazza CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Jill Semonin PhD CHt RMT,

Jill is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alternative (Holistic) Medical Practitioner, Graphologist, Minister and Notary Public. She also teaches several classes in Hypnosis, Advanced Reiki and Divination. She is a Healer and Author with advanced knowledge of the Chakra system and has been successful in helping others unlock their full potential.

Jill’s background is quite diversified as she has a lot of education and knowledge with many different majors. Each study had pulled together a lot of experience that she packs into her personalized plan per client. She is a natural born Healer and Intuitive yet has the needed science background that proves many healing methods to be accurate.

Jill earned her PhD in Philosophy of Metaphysical Science with Honors as a graduate of University of Metaphysical Sciences, She is ordained as a Minister with the State of Ohio. She has also studied Advanced Hypnotherapy and graduated with Honor’s at Hypnosis Motivation Institute. HMI is the largest and first nationally accredited college for advanced Hypnotherapy to this day. She is Board Certified through ICBCH. To add more to Jill's already loaded education, she is advanced in Reiki, has been Reiki Master Teacher attuned, and is very experienced in training others.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Metaphysician, Jill’s goal is set on healing mind, body and spirit. Her methods tend to work positively fast as she applies much of the mystical philosophy along with advanced hypnotic modalities to change negative habits for good. She also has access to extreme amounts of holistic, natural foods and supplements, so she also specializes in helping those who've had a Gastric ByPass to be able to get their nutrients in. Jill personally knows what it's like to live malnourished due to not being able to absorb the right minerals and nutrients from food, after the bypass. So clients will have access to over a hundred different product brands for optimal absorption.

Her friends have always call her Jillee so the nick name Mystic Jillee stuck and felt appropriate upon opening The Mystic Zone.

Jill’s Memberships:

  • AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association)
  • ICBCH (International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • AHA (American Hypnosis Association)
  • ATA (American Tarot Association)
  • UMTA (Universal Mystic’s Tarot Association)
  • TSOR (The School Of Remembering)
  • TMZHA (The Mystic Zone Hypnosis Association)

Timothy Semonin - Our Survival Guide Consultant (The Real Tool Time Tim)

Tim loves the outdoors and creating his own gadgets as he naturally has skills with the ability to figure out just about anything! He would be the one to consult if one loves to go camping out in the wilderness and have plenty of resources to be safe. He gives advice on how to custom make survival items for those who don't really have much experience with living with no electricity. We do plan on selling some good products and small pack-able things to make or prepare for such possibilities. He feels one should always have on hand, first aid kits, fire starters, water filters, and etc. We've been getting really harsh storms and many have had to go without electric. It never hurts to be prepared. He is one to consult with for guidance on what everyone should have on hand at all times.

He is a Member of:

  • TSOR (The School of Remembering)

Kari Piazza CPT

Kari has a BA college degree in Diet and Nutrition from University of Akron. She currently is employed by Summa Barberton Hospital in the Dietary department. However, she is also a body builder and a Certified Personal Trainer. So we are not kidding about the Mind, Body and Spirit. Optimize all three and it's a win win. She can give suggestions on what is best for your own needs and set you up with a great customized diet plan. If you are a body builder and like to compete we can help you be at your top performance with Mind, Body and Spirit. Anyone who becomes of member of The Mystic Zone will have full benefits to having Kari as a personal trainer and will also have a double bonus of having access to all the Doctor Supplied Supplements for optimal fitness. Her clients will have access to Performance Anxiety Hypnosis at membership value, as well. This helps for optimal strength when relaxation & stress relief are rolled into one package.

Kari is currently In her Internship completing her Masters in Diet and Nutrition!