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The Mystic Zone is about all three: Mind, Spirit and now it's time to talk about the Body!

Kari Piazza is a Certified Personal Trainer by The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Jill Semonin PhD is highly trained in Diet and Weightloss Hypnosis. With the two of us combined, we have you physically covered. We do ask that you also speak with your primary physician before deciding to go about a new way of life changing goals if this is a major change.

Kari can work with you by appointment in the Gym or over the phone for suggestions after reviewing what all is needed and wanted.

We do have access to every possible supplement out there, including CBD oils, proteins, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc.
All our registered Clients / Patients have access to everything and we give discounted rates.

There are extreme dangers of just buying supplements off of Ebay or Amazon, They are not always what they promise and their ads promise a whole lot more than what is true!
Just be careful! Our products are only given with those who have specific needs and are offered eccess to our DSS (Doctors Supplement Store) has high quality supplements that will make a huge difference in your quality of life! If you can find your suppliment in a drugstore, you can find it here, with a discount!