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We are now offering annual memberships!

Yearly memberships give our best discounted rates off any of our regular services around 40% off regular prices,
Membership plan costs $100 annually!

Included in membership is, up to once a week service appointment at membership cost, in person, phone, Facebook or Skype. Each Membership gets a FREE service. Members will also get 15% off merchandise in stock at office location or on website. We work by appointment only! See our Memberships page or contact us for more info! *Offer Excludes Fantasy Hypnosis and Crystals.

The Mystic Zone is about Hypnosis, Healing and Higher Learning

We use all three
principles of balancing Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve any and all goals. It’s Mysticism at it’s best, while in The Zone!

Our Market will have many products from many resources. We also have a link now in the Body page where you can have access to massive amounts of natural, whole foods and supplements for everyone. So whether you are vegan, a meat eater, a body builder, a gastric bypass patient, or want top products for your fur family, we can help in all areas. Contact us for the access code by email!

We also sell Metaphysical and Spiritual supplies and both on-line, and in our location. We have access to hundreds of supplemental foods, vitamins, minerals, protein powders and so much more.Our Certified Personal Trainer is available for those who need an expert in fitness.

The Zone: A mental focus with optimum achievement.

The Mystic Zone: A Mental focus with optimum achievement with added help from a higher realm.


We believe in balancing all three that goes right along with the Holy Trinity

Mind or Mother Earth

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Jill Semonin is able to help clients reach their goals faster than any other method available. The mind is the best place to start when deciding to make life changes. One also must be grounded as Mother Earth has so much to offer. To change the outside, one must change the inside. ~ Jillee (my close friends have always called me Jillee).

Body or Heart Self

Eliminating Stress is very essential. We have many options. Hypnosis, Meditation, Reiki or taking some classes are great solutions. Jill is a Certified Medical Practitioner and a member of AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association).

We here at The Mystic Zone are serious about what we do. We believe there are many alternative methods of healing ourselves that works along with our general practitioners, and personal trainer to speed up the healing process. It starts with clearing negative emotions from the heart!

Spirit or Father Sky

reikiReiki healing is accepted and being used in highly respected places like the Cleveland Clinic and other hospitals. Being a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004, with many students under her belt, Jill also uses Reiki in conjunction with many other services offered. Reiki is “Life Force Energy” and all things are created from energy from the Universe.

We here at The Mystic Zone live a very spiritual life and believe we can gain guidance from other higher sources, or answers deep with-in ourselves, that we did not realize existed. We are highly intuitive and schedule readings to those who are looking for spiritual guidance.

Mind, Body and Spirit are all very important and covered here. Science backs all three of the above topics with massive amounts of research. By using one, two or all three of the above for positive change, AMAZING results are not only possible, but inevitable! All sessions are offered in person, phone, Facebook or Skype. (Head set required if by phone). Don’t let distance stop you from being able to experience hypnosis or metaphysical readings.


  • MIND: Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • BODY: Holistic healing, Stress Relief, Reiki, Body Building and Suggested Supplements at a Discount.
  • SPIRIT: Weddings, Spiritual Services, Guidance and 6th Sense Enhancements, Workshops and also Guest Speaker for many occations.

Other Services Offered:

  • Notary Public
  • Personal Training
  • Reiki Training and sessions
  • Hand Writing Analysis
  • Professional Readings
  • Healing Sessions
  • Spiritual Sessions and Classes
  • Tarot Readings and Classes
  • Reflexology Sessions
  • Chakra Healing Sessions and Classes
  • More coming soon~

See you soon!

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Our Price: $60.00
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